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In any sport, there is repetitive motion & when muscles are used in repetition, they become shortened. When your muscles are in a shortened state they lose their ability to fully contract & release. The muscle becomes less effective over time, resulting in decreased performance, less strength, reduced flexibility, fatigue, & puts you at a much higher risk for injury.

As a serious athlete, no matter how much you stretch you will inevitably develop your muscles to the point where they begin to lose strength. Most consider this as a result of aging when actually it's because the muscles involved have become shortened through repetitive action. This shortening greatly accelerates athletes' decline in performance over their career and is usually the reason they are forced to retire before they would choose to.  

When a muscle is overly-developed that means it is partially contracted at all times. Hardened, bulging muscles may be good for the beach, but will only hold you back in your sport. 

Developing your muscles is key to becoming stronger or faster, but once you reach a certain point, muscles must be lengthened to achieve their full potential. If you move quickly against a tight muscle or an adhesion, that's where a serious tear can occur.


At Summit we highly recommend stretching before & after any athletic output, although it's mostly affecting collagen fibers, it still helps increase mobility. Overall though, the results of traditional stretching are nowhere near comparable to the effectiveness of robotic muscle lengthening achieved by RPT. 

Also when a muscle is torn through constant usage or injury, it can form small protective calcifications within the tissue-fibers known as adhesions. No matter how hard you try, you cannot stretch past an adhesion. 

If attempted, small tears are created in the myofibers along the edge of the adhesion, triggering your body's defense mechanism, creating a larger & stronger calcification. Robotic Precision Therapy works past these limitations in the body.


This treatment took my 40-yard dash time from a 4.7 to a 4.4 overnight. I am now playing Division 1 ball, which I didn't think possible. I'd recommend this to anyone trying to get an athletic scholarship, don't let a small imbalance hold you back!  

John ~ Rochester Hills, MI

I have been running competitively for 9 years and in the past 3 years, I developed chronic shin splints. I tried everything from therapy, taking time off & cross training but nothing worked. One session with Summit RPT & I was already 95% pain-free.  

Melissa ~ Cross-Country Runner, University of Southern Florida

RPT added over 5" to my vertical leap in one treatment! 

Vantrel Williams ~ Northwood University 

I injured my hip running cross country and it wouldn't stay in place despite the efforts of the best pro trainers and team doctors. RPT at Summit changed everything. Because of it, I was able to run track in my senior year & have no pain. Robotic Precision Therapy was the only thing that actually worked for a problem as advanced as mine. 

Monique ~ Track & Field, University of Southern Florida


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